In-person Meditation Sessions

  • Dharma Circle at Baan Aree <September 25, 2023 : 18.10 hrs> (click here)
  • Monday Night Meditation with Phra Pandit Bhikkhu <October 2, 2023 : 18.30 hrs> (click here)

Online Meditation Sessions

  • Sitting for Peace <October 11, 2023 : 18.30 hrs> (click here)

Restart of Little Bangkok Sangha in-person meetings.

We are thrilled to announce that after a long time we can now restart in person meetings. The Baan Aree foundation very kindly allows us to use their beautiful premises on Monday evenings at our traditional time of 6.30 – 8 PM. You may remember that Baan Aree is where Little Bang started back in 2007. It’s located conveniently close to the Ari BTS station: Map (click here)

Update 30 July 2023

In August, September and October we will organize in person meetings from 6.30 – 8 PM on every Monday at Baan Aree. We will continue with the online/Zoom Sitting for Peace on the third Wednesday of the month.

Phra Pandit talks  (click here)

“Zen and the Corona Virus” Article

by Reggie Pawle

Please click here for the article.

Online Live Evening Meditations and Dhamma Talks with Gil Fronsdal 

Please see more information here.

Dependent origination is one of the key tenets of Buddhism, and the least understood or talked about: